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so fandoms, this is about your jesus

Okay so if you are really religious stay away from this, I believe in God and everything I am just being my silly self when writing this.

Tomorrow is my religion exam and I am studying the life of Jesus, of course I am obsessed with one direction so throughout this I will refer to them but if you are of any other fandom (belibers, selenators (i think), demi fans, the wanted fans, 5SOS (is that their name etc - sorry i can’t remember every fandom) you will definitley understand what I am talking about.

So it is thousands of years in the future and futuristic religion students such as myself are researching different religions throughout history in specifics (christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism and buddhism). Upon looking at Jesus and how his story and life came to be known it is not unlike that of your idols. Let me explain further.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem (virgin birth), baptised in Galilee, and when he was older began to attract disciples. Is this not similar to the very rare birth of a band such as one direction on X-factor where a seemingly impossible genepool seemed to band together and form a beacon of light and hope (and as many fangirls call them - sex gods). Which then attracted followers. In Jesus time this is known as disciples and Christians (after his name Christ). This can be related to Directioners (related to the last name of band One DIRECTION). This is just the first of many similarities.

Jesus preached in parables, and liked to give hope to those out there, in particular women, who felt as though they were mistreated. He taught of the ‘reign of God’ which means embracing everything that God is about (Love, Peace etc) and applying it to one’s own life and to as many as possible.

Again this is similar to One Direction. Like Jesus’ parables, 1D preach through music, giving hope to women around the world that they are in fact ‘beautiful’ and have that ‘one thing’ that makes them special. If you are a Belieber then Justin preaches of ‘all around the world people want to be loved’ and ‘pray’ both sing/preach songs of justice and peace like Jesus.

Jesus went to Jerusalem where he stayed for passover. Before being crucified on the cross. Such an act represents internet trolls making celebrities feel bad about themselves, and also refers and links closely to Zayn deleting his twitter. It refers to the latter because after Jesus was murdered he was raised and acended to heaven. Almost like a FUCK YOU to all the haters. This is similar to Zayn’s infamous return to twitter after deleting it. After he came back Zayn regained all the followers and even achieved more. This can be seen as Jesus gaining more followers all around the world after his death.

Now, why are we looking at a future religion class?

My religion notes say “the synoptic prolem and modern biblical scholarship reminds us that the Gospels were written for a particular target audience as a way of passing on the faith of the community rather than with the intent of providing an accurate historical account of the life of Jesus”. If the link is not already obvious to you here it is…FANFICTIONS.

I am actually laughing out loud at the idea of religion classes in thousands of years trolling the internet for lost “gospels” (1D covers of songs) whilst reading about the life of One Direction through washed up, tatty areas of the internet which convey multiple different stories of their lives and sexuality (e.g. Room 17, Brown Haired Stranger, All of the Wattpad ones etc)

So basically what I am trying to explain is that your idols may well be the Messiah’s of the future and so if you start calling them ‘gods’ now you are simply ahead of the curve. So listen your gospels (1D albums) religiously and write and read fanfiction because at the end of it, you are creating a place in history for them and just imagine telling someone up in heaven one day that you predicted that people in thousands of years would be worshipping the idols that you worshipped today.

Thats right, you sly dawg.
p.s. this is so englishy because I just came out of an english exam ok sheesh kabab
p.s.s. I told you if you were religious not to read this haha I bet you did anyway



Niall AT K West Hotel

nialler is so beautiful

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Remember that time a fan called niall beautiful and he responded in the most adorable way anyone has ever responded to anything ever in the history of the universe?

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Directioners whenever you feel sad and lonely that one of the boys is not in your bed with you…listen to ‘superstar’ by Taylor swift and seriously think your life over #meeverynight

Plot Twist: McJagger is actually Harry’s dad

"Vas Happenin Mum, Vas Happenin Mick!"

Dad:she's happy as larry!
Me:do you ship larry *shines inspector light into eyes*
me:well do you???


Celebrating the anniversary of two years of 1D by watching video diaries and silently crying with proudness.

I love you boys, always have always will…

There’s a quote from the notebook I like: “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that’s what you’ve given me.”

Thanks 1D love you forever!

Niall stop seducing me there is only so much exploding my ovaries can take k.

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